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One of the Top 100 Youtube channels in South Africa, with over 10 MILLION channel views and over 100K subscribers, Hayls World is an awesome source to check out some of the latest Tech, Tips, Tricks, Hacks, Hidden features, Reviews, How To's, Demos, Apps and more!!

Find useful information on how to get the most out of your device, by discovering some of the unseen, forgotten or brand new features that you can use today!!

Tips, Tricks & Hacks !!

Check out these 15 iPhone Tips Tricks & Hidden Features video. These are tips, tricks and hidden features that you may not have known existed and are sooooo handy! They can make such a HUGE difference when using your apple iPhone and really streamline your everyday iPhone experience.
Wether it’s customising the Control Panel or quick tips like Zoom. Here I cover it all!


Incase you guys want to know what gear I use to record my YouTube videos. Here it is ;)

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